SHOP A460909 / SHOP A463625
SHOP A463626 / SHOP A463627
SHOPO A464362 / SHOP A463628
SHOP A463629 / SHOP A463826
SHOP A463630 / SHOP A463632
SHOP A463631 / SHOP A463815
SHOP A463636 / SHOP A468307
SHOP A463665 / SHOP A468308
SHOP A463817 / SHOP A388887
SHOP A468309
SHOP A463684 / SHOP A468299 / SHOP A468300

All of these pieces will be arriving throughout the month of November (some are already here). Share your favorite pieces with us below!

**If an item shows up as sold out, that means it is not yet available. We’ll update the shopping links as items become available.

12 thoughts

  1. Well I already bought 3 of the chenille sweaters because I lived in last year’s LOGO chenille sweaters — that chenille fabric is incredible! Looking at those velour joggers and then to see those new headbands? Yes please!


      1. First of all, thank you for seriously responding TWICE!!! I am truly a LOGO fan and I’m so excited! Looking forward to the show!!!


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