Happy August everyone! Meet Amy, she is a fantastic #LOGOnista!! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I can’t believe that it’s already August! Enjoy every minute – sending you all lots of love, and see you in September!

  1. In a few short sentences, tell us little bit about yourself; Where do you live? Where are you from, etc.

Hello! My name is Amy, and I live in St. James, New York which is located on the North Shore of Long Island in the township of Smithtown.  I have lived in St. James my entire life of 58 years.  Professionally, I worked as a high school guidance counselor for 20 years and recently retired in 2018.  I have been a certified Life Coach for women for 12 years and I continue to run groups to empower women to live their best life.  I have been married to my best friend and love, John, for 35 years and I am a mother of two grown sons (ages 27 and 29) and four fur babies.

  2) How and when did you first become excited about fashion… and LOGO specifically?

I have always been excited and passionate about fashion, jewelry and accessories my entire life.  I remember playing dress up in my childhood home where I would create outfits out of old curtains and walk around in my mother’s old high heels pretending to be a model on the fashion runway!  I have been an avid QVC shopper for quite some time and began buying Logo fashions when Lori first came to QVC.

3) What attracted you to LOGO in particular.

Lori and the hosts on QVC presented the Logo fashions in an exciting, authentic and fun way.  Lori was so very sweet and her fashions were youthful, colorful, so comfortable and so chic at the same time.  The Logo styles made my figure look fabulous!

  4) Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori.

To me, Lori is so hip and cool.  Her styles are fun to wear and they make me feel “alive” and “gorgeous” each time I wear them….which is every day!!

  5) What are some of your favorite pieces of LOGO and why?

I love all “Logo”…..if I have to choose a favorite, I would say that Lori’s cardigans are my favorite.   I love the versatility of the cardis for some have lace, some are tie dye, lots of different colors…etc…  Logo cardigans finish off an outfit to perfection!!

6) When did you first become involved with the page and chatting with Ladies during the shows?

I first became involved with the Logo Facebook page in January 2020 when the pandemic started.  This group of Logonistas are beautiful, fun and loving women who inspire me.

  7) You have so much wonderful energy! What’s your favorite thing  the Ladies and interacting with them?

I truly love posting my Logo fashion each day for it brings me joy and happiness!  I have two challenging illnesses I deal with on a daily basis and dressing in Logo and posting on the Logo Facebook page daily allows me to be a “healthy” and “strong” woman enjoying fashion and fun with other women!

  8) Give us three “Fun Facts” about you?

Some fun facts about me are:  I love to sing and I do it all the time.  I love to dance but I definitely don’t do it enough.  And when I am down and out, I eat peanut M & M’s and a cup of hot tea to make myself feel better!

  9) In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO.

OMG….when I wear Logo, I am transformed into an amazingly, beautiful and fearless woman ready to concur the world!

10) If you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world.

Three things I actually do tell friends about Logo are:  Logo makes you feel invincible, Logo is for everyone for it is so dynamically beautiful and comfortable and Logo makes you feel one in a million!!

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