11 thoughts

  1. Another month of beauties! So excited for that tie-dye dress A452208 and already ordered several of the long cards A452108.


  2. I am so in love with the August look book….I love it all!!!! Already ordered some a variables on the Q……The tie dye dress has my name all over it….Can’t wait to order it; I am so beyond excited


  3. The August Collection is definitely calling my name! And quite loudly, I might add! Love all the colors and prints, and the Tie-Dye! I’m definitely on board for that fabulous Tie-Dye dress!!! Wow! Those boots are made for it! Thank you, Lori and Team, for an August to get excited about!!!


  4. Oh please hurry up and have that tie-dyed dress ready and available. Can’t wait! …. it’s the middle of August! C’mon…please!


  5. That mesh top is Devine! Arrived today and already wearing it. I can’t stop smiling it’s making me that happy!,


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