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  1. You have outdone yourself with this new TSV. I love everything about this dress β€” everything! Thanks so much and keep up the good work. (And there’s nowhere I wouldn’t wear this dress.)


  2. Can’t wait!! As someone with a seated body type (wheelchair user) I usually steer clear of any that falls below the hips but I am going to make an exception where this dress is concerned. I’ll wear it with my jeans or leggings, and sneakers or boots. From one Ohio girl to another, β€πŸ’―β€πŸ’―β€πŸ’―β€πŸ’―β€


  3. Another winner! I’m very excited that you used my favorite material for this TSV. Thank you for the great color selections. I personally chose your tie dye option but I also liked the animal print.
    I am vacationing in Aruba in June for two weeks and plan to make it a staple in my vaca wardrobe.
    Thanks for all your fantastic creations…
    Love LOGO!!!!


  4. Love the TSV but I’m afraid to order it because I still haven’t received the leggings or hoodie. Still being prepared for the last week.


    1. Qvc’s shipping issues have nothing to do with Lori. The shipping issues are there regardless of the product you ordered.


  5. I am a LOGO freak and love love LOVE the pink leopard print and the style of this dress! The gathers that come to the front at the waist reference one of my favorite LOGO blouses, the wonderful short-sleeve easy-breezy cotton top from a few years back. Also, love the modal – I live in Hawaii and it’s so comfortable during the sizzling summertime. Ordered the leopard, beloved wild mushroom and black. Thank you for offering petites!


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