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  1. I wonder if anyone else loves fashion so much they actually tear up when they see beautiful pieces. This collection is so nice.


    1. Stacy – I understand! I don’t tear up, but I get so excited! If I like what I’m wearing and my hair turns out decent, I have a much better day. I also really enjoy seeing pretty/cool/different fashion on others. I always compliment them! It makes me feel just as good to do that! Enjoy the beautiful, fun pieces from Lori!!!


  2. I’m happy to see some Lavish. I’ve missed the detail of those pieces. The mesh duster cardi looks cool too.


  3. You, Abbey, do such an awesome job presenting Lori’s fashion!!! How blessed you are to have such a fun job! I also love the mesh cardigans! All of the bright, cheerful colors in her spring/summer collection this year make me happy! I look forward to the lace leggings…hope they are presented in May! We need them now! I really wish that QVC would hire more people or whatever it takes to continue providing shipping/tracking information…and get the merchandise to customers in a timely manner. Maybe it’s the shipping companies instead. I just know it’s very frustrating. Thanks for all that you girls do! Hugs!


    1. Also…I still adore the rayon 230. Thanks for bringing such beautiful tops in longer lengths! I layer most of the time (love), but sometimes you just don’t want to because it is so hot. How awesome that Lori continues to bring all kinds of fabrics and lengths – something for all of us!


  4. What is the silver tank/top under the white denim jacket??

    I can’t wait for that chambray shirt. Come on Lori! I want to look at it more closely!


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