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  1. Oh my gosh!!! All the color! Rayon 230 dress, tie dye denim jacket, mesh top!!, tall leopard crops, distressed cold dye with eyelet🧡, AND THE TANKS!!! Can’t wait….be still my ♥️


  2. LOVE the sneak peek! I’m looking forward to seeing these presented. I’ve got my eye on A397947 hoodie and A397401 mixed print top!


  3. I see so much here that I want and love. Lori is a creative genius. Love the denim, those longer sweaters in multi colors. . . so many designs. . . thanks Lori.


  4. I love your mesh, cotton modal and distressed cotton pieces. I’m very excited to see these and I love that you let us sneak peek them so we know what’s coming up! Keep doing what you’re doing as you are fabulous and I adore your clothes. Thank you Lori!


  5. Can hardly wait for the printed cropped leggings and lounge pants!!! The Lounge dress (hoodie?) looks fabulous with the leggings underneath! The tie-dye long cotton cardis look fabulous to coordinate with the printed pants as well! I’ve ordered the cold pigment pants in December sky…love the cold pigment top with the eyelet trim to go with them! Is that another mesh top or cardi? It looks amazing…

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  6. April lookbook is gorgeous! Logo is my favorite clothing line of any including retail stores. Unfortunately, QVC has cancelled my account after 25 years. I really wish logo was available at HSN. Keep up the great work Logo team.


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