Hi everyone, it’s George! Spring has sprung! So excited to share this interview I had with Mary Beth Bruce Wasserman! A true Loganista, Mary Beth shares with us some of her favorite logo pieces for Spring and gives us some fabulous insight into her love for logo! Happy Spring! See you all soon on the Q. Ready to show my favorite “MH’S” (MUST HAVES). Sending big love to you all!

1) In a few short sentences, tell us little bit about yourself; Where do you live? Where are you from, etc.  

 I live in Solon, Ohio with my husband Craig and my bichon, Bella. Our daughter, Sarah, is pursuing her masters degree in Boston.  I am from Lorain, Ohio about 45 minute drive from Solon. (Lori and I are fellow Buckeyes!!)  I worked for many years as an Executive Assistant and am semi-retired at the moment.  I love to volunteer and am hoping to work and/or volunteer again as the world starts to open up. 

2) How and when did you first become excited about fashion… and LOGO specifically?  

I became excited about fashion through my mother who worked at a local upscale women’s boutique.  I was hired as a teenager there and learned everything about fashion from the ground up at that store.  I became excited about Lori’s line probably 5 or 6 years ago.  I think we are close in age and we have the same funky 70’s vibe.  Easy and distinctive, never snobby or overdone – just be you!  Everything goes with everything – let your soul be free to decide what YOU want. 

3) What attracted you to LOGO in particular.  

I think I am most attracted to the freedom that Lori gives me to mix and match colors, patterns and fabrics. We are given a clean canvas to create whatever combinations we love.

4) Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori.  

Lori’s personality is open, caring and thoughtful.  Lori allows me to create my own style and not be afraid to be me.  When you get a bit older, you wonder where you should fit in with fashion.  Lori doesn’t let age or weight, etc. define what we can or should wear.  It’s quite freeing to wear her creations!

5) What are some of your favorite pieces of LOGO and why?  

I love Lori’s mesh tops.  I had to dedicate a special section in my drawer for them (I’m not alone here)! I also have a love affair with Lori’s Rayon 230 elbow sleeve swing top (A379902) and the Duster (A382201) and have several of each. The fit and feel of the 230 rayon is outstanding.  Lori’s Leggings are another staple in my closet.  I have several cropped leggings and the new tie dye leggings are a big hit with this 70’s girl! (A392518).  I am also just starting to wear and enjoy Lori’s jeans.

6) When did you first become involved with the page and chatting with the Ladies during the shows?  

I think I found the page about a year or so ago.  I saw someone posting to it and thought “these are my people”!  All of the Logo gals are sweet and positive with their comments and suggestions.  I always look forward to our Monday chat fest! And now, Wednesday too!

7) You have so much wonderful energy! What’s your favorite thing about the Ladies and interacting with them?  

I feel like I have found new friends within the Logo groups as we are all from different areas of the country and have diverse backgrounds.  It’s such a pleasure to see the posts every day – I’m sure you and Lori enjoy seeing our banter and photos!  Such wonderful and beautiful women – I just love them all!

8) Mary Beth give us three “Fun Facts” about you?  

Three fun facts!  I once spent a week sailing around the US Virgin Islands on a bareback boat. I was a body builder in a younger life!  My first car was a 1977 red Chevy Camaro – I love cars!

9) In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO. 

 I feel young, sassy and classy when I walk out of the house wearing my Logo!  

10) Mary Beth, if you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world.

I would tell my friend about Lori’s tried and true pieces – The Rayon 230 top or duster, any mesh top and legging or jeans, and that new Denim Jacket. What can I say? These items are MAJOR!

11) What are three items you think will be great for spring this season?

My 3 favorite spring items – one already at the head of the pack is the new Button Front Denim Jacket (A395679) in Rose Violet.  It is a winner. The next sure bet is a new addition to my closet – the Tie-Dye Boyfriend jeans (A394715).  And, Lori’s mesh tops are a definite addition in any Logo gal’s repertoire. I have several different styles and colors in these wardrobe extenders. I could go on, but these are my three necessary items for spring!

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