I was so excited to be able to interview Wendy Nugent – a true LOGOnista.  What a bright light she is! I hope you all enjoy Valentines this month! Go and spread some love and tell someone you love them. From the LOGO team and I – we love all of you! Happy Valentines day 💝

1) In a few short sentences, tell us a little bit about yourself: Where do you live? Where are you from? etc.

I live in Kansas, not far from Wichita. I’m a reporter/editor/photojournalist for a newspaper in Newton, Kan., called Harvey County Now. I absolutely love taking photos, and I love color! I love art and creativity, which is probably what drew me to LOGO, Lori Goldstein and Team LOGO. I write positive articles about people, as well as columns – I even wrote a column about my love of LOGO! I’ve also won some awards for my writing and photography.

2) How and when did you first become excited about fashion… and LOGO specifically? 

As a young girl, I loved the fancy dresses from the 1800s. During my teenage years, I became more interested in clothing and sewed my own. I even took a home economics class, sewing my own plaid pants in the 1970s. I also sewed clothing for my mom, boyfriend and a friend of my mom’s. I loved sewing the details on clothing, like pin tucks. I’ve lived through the fashion of the 1960s, ‘70s, ’80s, ’90s and now this century. I’m seeing fashion trends returning—some I like, some I don’t so much. I love fashion from the 1940s. I just love how fashion is a way for a person to express his or her personality. I love the way it can slim a person down or emphasize something the person wants to accentuate. I’m really loving Lori’s gathered sleeves at the shoulder. What drew me to LOGO was one day, I was out shopping in our town of about 20,000, and it was during the summer sidewalk sale. One clothing shop had some pretty cardigans for sale, and they happened to be LOGO. I tried one on, and I instantly felt gorgeous and slim! It was magically transforming for me. It’s a rayon span turquoise cardi with chiffon at the bottom. Anything that could make me feel like that was worth looking into, although I had already seen it presented on QVC but had not purchased it from QVC. That’s where it took off. I purchased both colors of that card that were at the clothing store. I still have that turquoise one.

It made me feel slim and beautiful. Also, I love her saturated colors. Lori really knows what she’s doing in designing clothing for women. It’s hard to put into words. LOGO clothes are wonderful. I love the rayon span, 230 rayon span, cotton modal and the thick slub. I love the way Lori’s clothing isn’t real tight—it’s quite figure flattering, and I love the way one can layer it. Before LOGO, I was wearing short tops that didn’t flatter me at all, but I didn’t know what to wear to make me look nicer. I love the way the fabric feels on my skin—it’s quality fabric. I love the saturated colors she has on some items. I love the way Lori and Team LOGO try to appeal to many different tastes people have in clothing—not just one. I learned from Lori what a godet is.

LOGO isn’t just the clothes though—it’s the community the fans and Team LOGO have created with the Facebook pages and then our chats during the shows. I’ve made friends with a number of ladies who are LOGO fans from all over the country. There’s even one lady who lives in California, and a man and his wife who used to live in the town in which I reside, posted a photo of them and her. Turns out they moved to where she lives, and were square dancing or something with her. I was surprised someone I met on a LOGO FB page knew someone I knew in person. 

3) Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori. 

I simply love that she’s awesome -including her designs, her free spirit and her kindness. You can tell she’s being genuine when on QVC. She just seems like an awesome person—very artsy. I love artsy people!

4) What are some of your favorite pieces of LOGO and why? 

That’s a hard one for me, like answering which is my favorite child. Ha. I’ll give it a try—I love the two tie-dye heavy slub dusters with lace I purchased last year, as well as many of her tie-dye tops. I love her prints and the recent patch jeans. Loving the new jean fabric.

5) When did you first become involved with the we love logo page and what is your favorite part of being part of the group?

I became involved with the group when it first started. I think I was one of the first to jump on board. I’m not sure how I came across the Facebook page, but I joined. I was involved with a couple of other LOGO Facebook pages, and this one seemed very nice. What I like about this page is it has some of the same women on both pages, so we all talk and chat and buy things and ask for advice from each other. I enjoy the show chats, where we get all a-twitter and can just be “girls” doing girly things. It’s like a sleepover for an hour. And we’re also so glad to have George with us too, as well as Abbey. We don’t have to worry about the pandemic or anything serious; instead we can just comment in a flurry of fashion excitement! LOGO isn’t just fashion and clothes—it’s a community. We all need that! I’ve never met people who are as obsessed with a clothing line as we are.

Another thing I get from the page is when Team LOGO posts, I think every Thursday, different ways to wear different clothes, and I hadn’t found myself drawn to those clothes until I see them styled together. That’s also true for when I see photos of other LOGO fans showing their outfits. That helps me style them for myself.

6) Wendy us three “Fun Facts” about you? 

I raised my three sons as a single mom and didn’t start dating again until I was in my early 50s, I love pumpkin pie, and I’ve been in journalism since 1984, even working for the Key West Citizen. My boyfriend and I had our first date on Saturday, Feb. 15, seven years ago. We would’ve had it on Feb. 14, but that’s too much pressure for a first date!

7) In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO. 

I feel comfortable and beautiful. I like being able to purchase saturated, fall-colored tops in the summer because I love those colors, especially rust and pumpkin. I am loving the new color names Team LOGO is coming up with—like December Sky, Bluebird, Anemone and Barn Red. Sometimes, I might just purchase a top because I like the name of the color!

8) Wendy if you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world.

The LOGO world is more than fashion—it’s about love of color, style and community; the clothes are beautiful and comfortable; and the clothes are very figure flattering.

4 thoughts

  1. Wendy – you knocked it out of the park. I could say ditto to all the reasons you love LOGO. I adore Lori and LOGO. I’m in top of Texas Panhandle and know exactly where you are located.


  2. I absolutely love you Wendy! I loved this article! You are a true artist and you have a beautiful soul!


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