Hi everyone, it’s George! I am so excited for 2021 – a new year means a new you! It is such an exciting time at the beginning of the year to start fresh and expand upon things you’ve been working on, and start new ones! I was thrilled to interview Mary Jo and get her take on her love for LOGO, and the New Year with some of her favorite new items! Sending you all lots of love and blessings for a fabulous healthy blessed 2021!!

1) In a few short sentences, tell us little bit about yourself; Where do you live? Where are you from, etc.  

I am from Des Moines, Iowa and have lived here most of my life.  I am a graduate of Iowa State University. I am married and have four children and five grandchildren–number six due this summer. The most difficult thing about this past year is not being able to see my grandchildren as often as I would like. My husband and I are retired and enjoying it.  We love to travel and hopefully will be able to again.

2) How and when did you first become excited about fashion… and LOGO specifically?  

I have always loved dressing up and fashion. My Grandmother was an excellent seamstress and taught me how to sew when I was 10. I discovered Logo around six years ago. I also love all of the names of the colors! I thought what is this willow, maple, lily pad?  I began to watch and was hooked!

3) Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori.  

I enjoy watching Lori.  She explains about each Item and it is easy to tell that she loves what she does. She is not afraid to try different styles than everyone else.

4) What are some of your favorite pieces of LOGO and why?  

I love Lori’s hoodies and wear them often.  I am a daily walker and the hooks by my back door are full of Logo hoodies. Under a coat or over a sweater, the hoodies are practical as well as a bit of a fashion statement. Jeans are my next favorite, I have at least 12 of them.

5) When did you first become involved with the page and chatting with the ladies during the shows? What’s your favorite thing about interacting with them?  

I joined the group last spring I think in April. I enjoy seeing how everyone styles their Logo. There are two ladies that have almost identical items that I have. Great minds think alike! They have given me a lot of great ideas!

6) Mary Jo give us three “Fun Facts” about you?  

In the summer I have a flower and vegetable garden, my two dogs are Papillons and are spoiled rotten and I am looking forward to spoiling my Grandchildren again.

7) In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO. 

When I wear Logo I feel like I am doing my own thing and not looking like everyone else.  I feel happy–I love mixing and matching and playing with my clothes. Maybe there is a little girl in me that will never grow up and I think that is a good thing!

8) Mary Jo, if you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world.

Have fun with fashion, make a statement and be yourself!

9) What are your top three items of LOGO that you love for 2021?

For 2021 I love the new denim jackets, anything chenille or velour. I love tops with lace and chiffon! Lace is what first attracted me to the Logo collection. 

One thought

  1. A interesting read. Very nice photos! LOGO clothing is extremely unique! Mary Jo looks just wonderful!


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