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    1. This should read–I love the berry and gray colors and ordered both of the colors. The yellow also caught my eye too! I also bought the matching leggings to match the berry colored top.


  1. Lori,
    The TSV for the 24th is one of my very favorite Logo tops! I have two of the previous versions in an xsmall and small. Mostly, I wear mediums. With the French terry material should I size up to a medium? I love the fit of the small in the waffle of the older version. I think French terry might call for a larger size? Please help! Thanks!


    1. Hi Betty! This fits the same as the previous waffle top – I just checked the shoulder seams and they are the same. However, the French Terry is slightly thicker and doesn’t have the same stretch as the original all waffle version. So if you prefer a little more ease in the shoulders/bust, you may want to go with the medium. Hope this helps!


  2. Sooo in love with this TSV / ordered 4! You’re killing me Lori. It would take a week to list all the items I’ve bought in the last month! The velour hoodie outfit, all the new jeans, the pointe jackets & on & on & on. I am literally out of room in my closets – I am a die hard Logo girl – wear it every day & appreciate all the hard work you put into this fabulous line!! Have a great holiday


  3. I love my LOGO!! Clothes that are beautiful, soft and comfortable are a must for me. My Mom says my eyes are on the ends of my fingers, because I have to touch the clothes/fabric, before I will ever consider buying them. I watched you on QVC for a while before ordering. After I ordered one top from the LOGO line, I tore the bag open and touched the fabric and I was hooked! NOW, I wear LOGO EVERY DAY!! Thank you 😊


  4. I have been watching your clothes for months now but have never ordered until tonight. I just ordered every item in tonight’s show! I’m looking forward to your tsv! I was wondering if the grey tsv would match the winter sky in the leggings shown tonight?


  5. Hi, Lori! This is Your Purple Logonista from Sedona! I purchased the Very Berry in the TSV Hoodie plus the Petite Leggings that match! Very Berry is the closest color to Shades of Purple!
    I also purchased mostly all the New Purple Items:
    Lace Cardigan, Eye Lash Pull Over Tunic with Puff Sleeves plus a few other Tunics with Purple in them! I have so many New Items to start off the New Year with!
    Thanks, Lori, for not forgetting your Purple Logonistas! Love Your Amazing Designs!


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