Hey guys, it’s George! I was so excited to interview Francesca. She is such a style star on the #WeLoveLOGO Facebook page! She is showing us new and inspirational ways to wear LOGO! Like Lori says, Francesca shows “anything goes with everything”. Check out this fabulous interview! Happy and very healthy holidays to all; sending you lots of love and blessings!

  1. In a few short sentences, tell us little bit about yourself; Where do you live? Where are you from, etc.

I currently reside in La Porte, Indiana with my husband, father and 2 fur babies, Mr. Coconut and Wally. I grew up in Ohio, similar to Lori, in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Chicago and then Northwest Indiana almost 17 years ago after relocating for work. have worked in the field of Information Technology for 34 years. I am passionate about technology while also experiencing the world around me. I do this through my love for God, creating moments with my family, working to better myself through movement, expressing myself through my creative endeavors of photography, cooking, gardening, ballroom dancing and fashion.As a volunteer in my local community, I worked with a local non-profit to help mentor middle school girls learn about opportunities for careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. I always encouraged my mentees to have a mindset of lifelong continuous learning, to learn as much as possible about their chosen path while also continuing to explore more. As girls and women, we are NOT limited, we have so many possibilities. I encourage them to dream big and go for it!

2. How and when did you first become excited about fashion…and LOGO specifically? 

As a young girl, my mom explained that I was quite particular about what I wore. She would lay out my outfit for the next day and I would insist on choosing my own outfit. I began to design and later sew clothing for my Barbie dolls by using the basic sewing skills I learned in 4H and home economics classes. In high school, I learned so much visually through fashion magazines like Mademoiselle, Vogue, and Elle. In 1999, as a side gig, I became an independent fashion consultant for a private label clothing company who specialized in quality knit fabrics. It was exciting to see them feel comfortable in stylish clothing that fit and helped them feel confident. I have always enjoyed helping others with fashion and helped my girlfriends with some closet and wardrobe makeovers. I have always believed that as individuals, we are a blank canvas and through fashion, I have the opportunity to create and decorate myself with clothes and accessories.

In 2012, I discovered Lori and LOGO via A202259 (LOGO by Lori Goldstein V-neck Tee with 3/4 Sleeves and Pocket Detail). I had found a tunic locally that I loved and wanted to find more. I wasn’t able to locate one anywhere. Online I searched for the style of the tunic I owned and learned that it was often named a shark-bite or asymmetrical hem. LOGO and QVC appeared in my search results. I ordered a variety of her tunics at that time and found myself coming back to refresh my blacks and look for her new colors in A202259 every 6 months or so. This tunic was an amazing piece that I could dress up or down. PLUS, it had pockets! I was first attracted to LOGO by Lori’s design line and then how comfortable LOGO pieces are to wear. And as I learned more about her her line, I appreciated the details and design flourishes, how she added a godet or beautiful lace, chiffon and texture to make her pieces unique. As I got to know more about Lori as a person and her styling background, I fell in love with LOGO even more!

3. Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori. 

I adore Lori’s joie de vive, her passion for color, texture, style and her desire to help women feel wonderful when they dress. She finds inspiration everywhere! She is fun and genuine. I can relate to a maximalist and someone who considers anything and everything. I love when Lori is on the air during QVC shows, I get to learn not only something new about her designs and the process but also about her and what has influenced her designs and helped to create her personal style. Through Lori, I have learned so much about fabrication. She will describe something and then I google it to learn just what is modal, Rayon/Span, Rayon 230 and so much more! When I purchased and read her book Style Is Instinct, I was astonished to learn that she had worked with some of my favorite fashion photographers and the shoots that she styled were some of my favorites, I recognized them instantly! I love that her fur baby Louise is an integral part of her life and a fashionista by her own right. Louise reminds me of my oldest fur baby Mr. Coconut who loves to get dressed up in sweaters and faux fur during the cold weather.

4. What are some of your favorite pieces of LOGO and why? 

Wow, I have so many favorites! Presently, my current passion is Lori’s Panne Velvet pieces and they are perfect for fall and winter seasons. They feel so luxurious and I cannot help but touch them and feel cozy and glamorous all at the same time. I love the texture and the and how the light catches to bring drama to each piece.

5. When did you first become involved with the page and chatting with Ladies during the shows? 

In August 2019, I came back to QVC to look for my beloved 3/4 sleeve v-neck tunic (A202259) to get some more black and hopefully find some new colors. I watched some other videos and discovered some of Lori’s newer pieces! After that I did a search on Facebook and found a few LOGO groups. It was exciting to discover other ladies who also loved LOGO.  In WeLoveLOGO, I saw Donna Cashman’s post about an upcoming chat that would be live during one of Lori’s shows so I joined to see what it was all about. I really enjoy interacting live during the show with other ladies that I recognize from the group. We had come to know each other through our posts and it was fun to talk about the designs, what we loved and share with others our experiences if we already owned a particular item. Plus, we might comment about a piece and someone might say “Francesca, that is so you!” We laugh and have a great time. It is also always great to now have George Brescia and Lori’s team on the chats to help us with questions!

I recently took a break from social media and found that I missed my LOGO lovelies the most! They have come to be a part of my daily life. We live and celebrate life together! We are there for each other through the good and bad. We encourage each other. 2020 has been a rough year for all of us and I as I work from home, I find myself wearing primarily lounge clothing including some LOGO. As we headed into fall this year, I found it more difficult to be motivated with dressing. I wondered if the other ladies in our group were feeling the same way, so I had an idea. Let’s try some LOGO fashion challenges. I thought, why not set some parameters around what we wear and even if we are not going out on a particular day, we can share with our group for some good cheer. So with started out with some of the the following challenges: #DusterOrCardiChallenge, #EmbellishLOGOChallenge, #EverythingAndAnyThingPinkLOGOchallenge, #ColorContrastChallenge, #BlueChallenge, #FallFashionChallenge, #SweaterAndOrDenimChallenge, and #EverydayToGlamChallenge. What I love about the group is that we have fun and share photos of what we are wearing and share what is happening in our lives.  We are all different shapes and sizes and yet we all look fabulous in LOGO.I have made some of most wonderful friends through the Facebook LOGO groups. We are diverse in so many ways and yet we have this common connection. LOGO brings us together!

Furry friends love LOGO!

6. Francesca, give us three “Fun Facts” about you!

My friends describe me as adventurous, glamorous and intellectual. In my 20’s, I was an artist’s model. I love fashion and helping other ladies create their unique style. I love to travel, meet new people, experience different cultures and I am always up for learning something new!

7. In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO. 

When I wear LOGO, I feel stylish, upbeat, comfortable and confident that I am able accomplish anything!

8. Francesca, if you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world.

The LOGO world is more than an article of clothing or an outfit. LOGO is an attitude where you learn through Lori that you have #PermissionToPlay. Try something new and play around in your closet. Have fun! Embrace the LOGO community and get engaged. We are a group a friendly, fun and vivacious fashionistas, also known as, LOGOistas. We love to encourage and uplift each other while sharing our fashion ideas.

9. Choose 3 LOGO gift ideas for the holiday season!

  • Face mask/Headband combination (A393984 or A393985)
  • Something luxe like an item of panne velvet (A389997)
  • A piece of LOGO links jewelry (J363712)
  • Better yet, give her a LOGO/QVC gift card and she can select what is perfect for her!

2 thoughts

  1. Lovely, I to have have enjoyed Logo, for 10 years, Lori can bring us new fabrics and joy everytime I see a show, I am 76 and these clothes make me feel young and exciting,I wear them well, thank you Lori Goldstein, Happy New Year to all


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