Hey, Guys! It’s George! I was so excited to catch up with the wonderful Donna Cashman, one of the Queens of the “We Love Logo” Facebook page. Donna has such a beautiful life force and is always full of inspiration as she hosts the Live-Logo chats. As a true Logonista, she is always spreading enthusiasm and joy on the “We Love Logo” Facebook page. Check out my fun interview with Donna!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where do you live? Where are you from? How and when did you first become excited about fashion?

“Hi! I’m Donna Cashman and I live in Central Islip, LI, NY, was born in Manhattan and lived on Long Island most of my life. I grew up in Lindenhurst, LI, and thought when I was young that I would be heading to either be a model or a fashion illustrator. I am a graduate of the now defunct Barbizon Modeling School (’71) and was interested in everything fashion related. Even back then, I loved putting outfits together and sewed all my clothes in high school. I married my first husband at 19 and raised my 3 daughters in Islip, LI. A life-long Lutheran, I am active in church as a lector and usher and headed up the Helping Hands Committee, where a group of us cooked meals for members of the congregation who needed help.  I have worked in several retail stores, selling everything from kids clothes to engraved items to sorting tuxedo accessories, caring for the elderly, being a medical receptionist for several doctors. But most of my working career has been with food service, starting with a stint at Nathan’s Famous in Massapequa, LI, working in various delis and cafeterias. My career in total was 22 years at Entenmann’s Bakery in Bayshore, LI where I did everything under the sun, from loading ovens, packing donuts and cakes, mixing and loading trailers for shipment.In 2014, Entenmann’s closed its door, leaving hundreds of us without a job. I was an unsettling time, to say the least and in addition I was going through a divorce with my second husband, while also transferring one of my daughters, who has special needs from a group home situation into her first independent living apartment. A rough time, to say the least. Through an old friend I reached out to, I was hired at an assisted living community in my area, first as a front desk receptionist, but then an opportunity came up where my friend needed a Concierge for a special section of the community. Excited, I looked forward to wearing real, regular, colored and brightly printed clothes, not a uniform, which I wore for 22 years in the bakery!!! Turned out I was told that I had to wear black and white…sigh…”

2. What attracted you to LOGO in particular?

“Me being me, I said alright…but I wasn’t given DIRECT instructions on how to pair said black and white items…so…I certainly needed clothes since my life was uniforms covered in flour and grease, This is when I turned to QVC and LOGO was one of the two designers there that caught my eye. Her designs were fresh and different; classic with a twist and a frill. Her leggings were long enough for me and fit well. Her black tanks and cardigans and tops were different and had people turning heads throughout the assisted living and people took notice, from the residents to corporate.That was it and I was in love with Lori and LOGO from that moment.”

3. Tell me some of your favorite things about Lori!

“What I love about Lori herself is her free spirit and genuine love for what she does and the care and thought she puts into her designs. She comes across as someone who not only loves what she does, but loves the women she dresses. She takes the time to show those who are unsure exactly how to put together an outfit and the permission to play.”

4. Donna, you are the Queen of the LOGO Facebook page, and everyone loves you. When did you first become involved with the page and hosting the chats with the We-Love-Logo Ladies during the shows?

“My greatest honor and pleasure is the We#LoveLogo page and my involvement in it and the love and acceptance from the group of women there. The chats that started have been truly a God-send and happened quite innocently and unexpectedly after being unceremoniously removed  from another LOGO FB page for doing exactly what I (we!) do on #WeLoveLogo, and that is HAVE FUN! Once QVC created this page, I just started asking who was watching during the live presentations, and the ladies joined in!!! Many others who were removed from the other group for the same reasons followed and that’s how that started! We celebrate each other when one of us gets chosen for Logofied; we post silly gifs and emojis and laugh til our bellies hurt! It has been a joy for everyone. I try to keep the chats positive and uplifting because that is what we must do as women. We are to hold each other up and celebrate any and all accomplishments. We console and pray for each other here when there is illness and sorrow in the lives of the members. We don’t envy one another here.  Although I am jokingly called “The Queen”, we are ALL queens on this page!!! I love to see us come together and encourage each other, drool over the items, laugh about the purchases and wait to see each others outfits!”

5. Donna, give us three “Fun Facts” about you!

” 1. I was a certified Electric Jack Trailer Loader, and was one of the first women mixers in Entenmann’s Bayshore bakery. 2. I went to school with and was in my high school advanced choir with Pat Benatar, (she was Patti Andrzejewski). 3. I LOVE music and dancing and all things Jamaican…even tho I am not…LOL!”

6. In one sentence, tell us how you feel when you wear LOGO.

“When I wear LOGO, I feel special, different and empowered.”

7. Donna, if you were introducing a friend to LOGO for the first time, what are the three things you would tell them about the LOGO world?

“What I tell people when they ask me about LOGO is that, yes, you can wear the exact same pieces, no matter what your size is, that you just have to try it and try it YOUR way. I tell them that the possibilities are endless and that there is something there for you, in the print, solid, shape and size you want, all they have to do is to step out of the box you have put yourself in. You are NOT too fat, you are NOT too skinny. You are NOT too short, too wide, too anything. You don’t have to hide under a moo-moo, you HAVE a waist. I don’t like to see women put themselves down. Again, this group is all about uplifting the spirits of women who for too long have been told that they can’t. Yeah, we can, and we do and we can be as different as can be in looks, skin color, political affiliation, faiths and beliefs, and still, STILL hold each other up and celebrate ourselves. That’s what’s it all about, Charlie Brown…”

One thought

  1. I am so very humbled and honored to have been selected for this interview with my Mr. Cutie-Pie, George Brescia. Tha k you so much!


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