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  1. Please – what is the orange jacket pictured w the olive skirt? I’m getting the skirt in this color & the gray & HAVE to have this!!!! I already have the other top featured & both the boots! Don’t disappoint me, please answer & let me know item # for that TDF orange top
    Thanks so much


  2. Thanks!! Hate to be a pest but can you give me any idea when A347718 w/b released??? Next week? Mid Mar? End Mar? DYING for this! Although if you saw all my Logo…it’s insane- almost an illness. Please convey to Lori how much I love her talent – her clothes her my Everything! Please make more straight hem tanks (30-31” length) too – dark oak, blackberry, wine, all colors…
    I know she can’t but I wish just once she’d address the asses who say all the idiotic negative comments. I try to hold back but every once in awhile I let loose. Just can’t help it. Like the morons who support Trump – ugh-don’t get me started. TY Team Logo for all you do!!


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